Онлайн тестирование

На прохождение теста вам даётся 30 минут (1800 сек.)

a) the oldest of
b) older than
c) as old as
a) reliable
b) patient
c) strict
a) it overlooks
b) overlooked
c) overlooking
a) it was possible
b) was it possible
c) was possible
a) broke
b) burned
c) sprained
a) have to
b) mustn’t
c) don’t have to
a) go
b) do
c) play
a) went
b) has gone
c) has been
a) an agricultural
b) an industrial
c) a residential
a) will do; will go
b) will do; go
c) do; will go
a) into
b) out
c) with
a) for
b) on
c) to
a) are known to
b) thought to
c) are believed that they
a) would like
b) is planning
c) is thinking of
a) brush
b) cut
c) wash
a) don’t
b) didn’t
c) won’t
a) increase
b) expand
c) go up
a) living
b) to live
c) to living
a) is some
b) are some
c) is a
a) breaking
b) cheating
c) committing
a) I’m waiting
b) I’ve been waiting
c) I’ve waited
a) high winds and snow
b) heavy rain and cold temperatures
c) thick cloud but quite warm
a) Do you
b) You are
c) Are you
a) cut it
b) have cut it
c) have it cut
a) made redundant
b) promoted
c) a raise
a) too
b) too much
c) too many
a) a blog
b) an email
c) a website
a) I arrive
b) I arrived
c) I’ll arrive
a) creative
b) fit
c) annoying
a) it
b) that
c) which
a) had been
b) was
c) would have been
a) bill
b) menu
c) service
a) interesting
b) popular
c) difficult
a) during
b) for
c) since
a) an airline flight
b) a train
c) a taxi
a) anniversary
b) marriage
c) wedding
a) should
b) ought
c) don’t
a) injection
b) operation
c) X-ray
a) general election
b) opinion poll
c) referendum
a) I’m
b) I was
c) I’d be
a) an affluent
b) a run-down
c) a trendy
a) tired
b) stressed
c) relaxed
a) so
b) such
c) too
a) watching
b) watch
c) to watch
a) breakthrough
b) investigation
c) progress
a) check in
b) set off
c) work out
a) have worried
b) used to worry
c) was worrying
a) accused
b) blamed
c) denied
a) That
b) What
c) Which
a) Farm animals
b) Wild animals
c) Pets
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